New Mexico Cannabis Regulatory Advisory Committee Social and Economic Equity Survey

Ensuring Social and Economic Equity in NM's Cannabis Program

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The Cannabis Control Division is working on providing up-to-date demographics on current licensees.

  • 457 responses (92% from people living in NM)
  • Responses from all NM Counties but two (Harding; Hidalgo)
  • 55% Male; 43% Female; 1% Non-binary; 2% other or Non-conforming
  • 66% White; 44% Non-White
  • Tribe, Pueblo or Sovereign Nation Affiliation: Tesuque; Coahuilteca Ronde; Qawalangin; Santa Clara; Genizaro; Grande; Osage; Cherokee; Cheyenne River Souix; Jemez; Navajo; Yankton Sioux; Acoma
  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • Question 3
  • Question 4
  • Question 5
  • Question 6
  • Question 7
  • Question 8
  • Question 9

Q1. Do you live in New Mexico?

Q2. If so, what county do you live in?

Q3. What gender do you identify as?

Q4. Which of the following best describes you?

Q5. What best describes your interest role with cannabis in New Mexico?

Q6. What are the biggest barriers to entry into the Cannabis sector for owners?

Q7. What are the biggest barriers to entry to the Cannabis sector for those desiring to enter the workforce?

Q8. What do you think are some qualifying eligibility criteria for those applying for equity assisstance?

Q9. Which of these strategies do you think would be most effective in New Mexico to address issues of equity in regards to the Cannabis industry?